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Meet Owner & Groomer

Silvia Sarceno

Ever since I can remember I’ve been crazy about animals, especially dogs & I’ve always been a bit of an animal whisperer. Coming from generations of crazy dog ladies it was only natural for me to be one too!

I am a self-taught groomer, I have never been to a grooming school but am always dedicated to perfecting my craft with webinars and grooming expos. I’ve always dabbled with grooming, learning from my dad who took it upon himself to learn to groom my first dog. I learned how to groom by reading, watching videos, & learning from other groomers. 

I've always groomed my three dogs on my own, friend’s dogs, and even offered basic cuts to some of my clients @likehomepetcare. Running my own pet care business with over 100 visits per/day, the daycare, & 12+ employees, I never thought to dedicate any real time to grooming professionally. So I hired groomers as the Grooming S’paw became a permanent addition to LHPC. When the pandemic hit, I found myself having to downsize all other services and dive into grooming (it became essential and the main service in demand). 

The silver lining in losing 70% of my Petcare business and having to pivot, was discovering how much I love grooming. I was able to be hands on again with the pups, and less managing. I’ve always been artistic and it has been so fun combining my two passions. 9years in professional pet care and my lifetime of learning/handling animals, doing something I love is a dream come true. I started my business while I was in college and working full-time. I was tired and wanted more out of my life, I wanted to do something I loved. I thought getting into dog walking would help me leave my job at the hospital and have more time for school. Little did I know that was the start to my entrepreneurial journey.

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